Easter Eggstravaganza

Mar 19, 2009

OK, I should take a copywriting course! With Easter eggs all over the net, I decided to create my own line of freshly designed eggs. Maybe I’ll even put some up for sale here, too.

Once I have the basic egg shape, I use my decorative brushes for painting them on. TIP: It is helpful to duplicate your more popular brushes and just rotate them. That way, when it comes to painting them on, you don’t need to paint and then rotate, as all options appear as thumbnails in the Brushes pallette.

Below: Details of shiny star wrapping.  Inset: Bright pink egg with gold trimmings sitting on its wrapping.

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Doodle Arrows Freebie Brush Set

Mar 12, 2009

This brush set was inspired by the arrow doodles in my sketch book. I think they will be useful for all things spontaneous or informal.

There are 16 high res brushes in this set.



Mar 10, 2009

Here’s my take on this week’s Illustration Friday theme “intricate”.
It’s more of a graphic than an illustration, and I created it with close attention to each layer, working very intricately with the settings of the photoshop brushes and layer effects. (I wonder if there’s a market for this kind of image? I really enjoyed making it but there must be lots of people out there doing similar stuff.)


Response to the Davinci-esque Brush Freebie

Mar 10, 2009

Thanks to fmr from France for sending in her background which she made using the Davinci-esque brush freebie from the previous post. And yes, I do love to see what people are doing with these brushes. From your comments, I see that these brushes are as useful for scrapbooking as I had hoped.

Here’s what fmr had to say:

Thanks for the DaVinci-esque brush; Love it ! 
Converted to PS7; resized it to master size of 500; added dynamics. When my custom brush was ready, I used it on several layers with various blend modes. Just thought that maybe you would like to see what people do with your stuff …
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