“Island” theme for Illustration Friday

Sep 13, 2008

En-route to Barcelona, I marvelled at the pristine beauty of the Greek Isles from above. It reminded me of an old school project, where we could invent our own private island. Out came my sketchpad and watercolors, right there in the plane, and I plotted out my perfect island. These are the values that I wish for all of us on this planet :0)


“Clutter” for Illustration Friday

Sep 5, 2008

This week’s subject for IF is “Clutter”. This is an illo I made on the subject of recycling. All these plastic bottles are cluttering up our environment. (Click on image to enlarge.)

I made it entirely in Photoshop, before this blog was even born.


Wallpaper Brush Set Freebie

Sep 4, 2008
This brush set came about spontaneously as I was playing with a simple charcoal brush. You absolutely have to try these out! Download free: 15 amazing dual brushes that have a wallpaper-type effect. (412KB)
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“Routine” for Illustration Friday

Aug 23, 2008

Routine. I used to ridicule it, but I’ve begun to cherish it. I try to cling to the calendar, being industrious and climbing ladders – when suddenly I land on a snake (someone needs the doctor, school holidays detract from work, guests arrive from abroad, or going to the post office can’t be put off any longer) – and I find myself adapting to new and unexpected cicumstances!

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