Tutorial and Free Blossom Brushes

Oct 5, 2008

I just created a new brush set of blossoms today. Below is a tutorial on how to create this autumnal background paper.

1. Create a new photoshop document, 8×8″ or 12 x 12″.

2. Select a light color and one of the scatter brushes from the brush set.
across the entire area of the page.

3. Create a new layer and with the same scatter brush, paint lightly across it with a darker color.

4. To make a more ephemeral effect, give the second layer an “Inner Glow” layer effect, using a light color.

5. Flatten your image, save the file and ENJOY!

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Transparent PNG Flower Arrangements

Oct 5, 2008

Using the brushes from the previous post, I worked really hard to put together some flower arrangements that will be useful for scrapbookers. This set of transparent png files is great for easily pasting on a layout. I’m happy to announce that I’m giving 3 of them away, completely free! (Just click on the thumbnails below and they will open up as high res files ready for download.)

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Free Brush Set of Flowers

Oct 3, 2008
Flower brushes are great for almost everything. Here’s a set of 11 large brushes for you to download free.
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Free Sponge Brush

Sep 13, 2008

This picture was so easy and fun to make with this brush, which I’m giving away free. The image itself is on sale for $3. (Contact me and I’ll send you the high res file.) Print it on good quality paper, I recommend 250 – 300g matt paper. Hang it in the hallway or give it to a friend:0)  Size: 30 x 10cm.

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