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Spring Time Dynamic Brush Set

Jun 15, 2008
buynow_bt.jpgSet of 6 Dynamic Photoshop Brushes + 1 Photoshop Stamp Brush

Price: $4.99

I am so excited!!! I’ve just put together a set based on one theme – Spring Time. There’s a cloud brush; a brush for the butterflies, and one for the line of “magic” scattered behind them; and there’s a grass brush and two flower brushes with variations of hue, angle and texture. On top of this, I’ve thrown in a stamp brush of girls running in a field of spring flowers.

This whole picture was drawn with only one brushstroke for each element!!! Check out the preview to see how this works.

Backgrounds Brush Set

Jun 11, 2008


Set of 4 Dynamic Photoshop Brushes

Price: $4.99

Whenever I need an eye-catching background – and fast – I make a dash for photoshop brushes that can cover a large area quickly and with artistic flair. In the brush set below, each background was made by selecting one color only, and painting directly onto the image.

I tried many different scatter effects and hue variations, as well as changes in size, angle and opacity, until I came up with a set that is useful and unusual. These brushes make gorgeous papers, just in time for Christmas decorations, cards and even wrapping paper.

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Anemones Dynamic Brush Set

May 26, 2008
Set of 4 Dynamic Photoshop Brushes

Price: $3.99


Buy these dynamic brushes and start painting flowers, hearts and decorati. Use the fork holes to punch a calligraphic flow into your digital canvas.


A Touch of Nature – Brush Set

May 7, 2008

Price: $3.99


The brushes used in this composition are all dynamic, but can be used as regular stamp tools, too.