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Bestseller No.2: Grunge Swirls

Nov 2, 2009

“Grunge Swirls” includes 16 gorgeous, high-res photoshop brushes, up to 2000 pixels in diameter. I adore these brushes, they are easy to use on any design to make it look funky, yet classy. They are at different angles, so you can select a brush that will paint swirls across a chosen corner or side of your design.

Grunge Swirls

Brush Set

Price: $4.99

Best Seller No. 1: Snowflake

Nov 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and there have been a record amount of sales at BrushThis. The next few posts will display the best-selling brushes from October.

“Snowflake” includes 25 high-res photoshop brushes, up to 600 pixels in diameter. They are filled with grunge textures, great for decoration of scrapbook layouts, packaging and Xmas decorations.


Brush Set

Price: $6.99

Illustration Friday “Pattern”

Sep 26, 2009

I was just developing a set of patterns yesterday, so the theme for Illustration Friday is perfect.

Talking about patterns, I am giving away FREE this set of my original Photoshop patterns, called “Extravagant”, to anyone who leaves a comment on this post.

OK, I’m loving this color theme and getting carried away with the spirit of Halloween!!!

Here’s a scratched-up, splattered-on, illuminated and bejewelled alpha for all my scrapbookers visitors. Make your layouts POP out at you! The x-height of each letter is around 300 px, so they are large enough for anything print-related, and also look great on screen. (The zip file is 8.5MB.)

The alpha set costs only $1.99.

Pretty Paper Freebie

Feb 16, 2009

I have just made this paper using two of my dynamic brushes (with a single stamp brush in the corner for decoration), and I’m so pleased with how it turned out that I’ve decided to give this paper away absolutely free! Click on the image to download. I’ve received so many amazing comments, and it would be great to see how you use this paper or the brushes in your own art. Please send me a link when you have something to show and share.

These are the brushes I used, which are very large and excellent quality. The pair is on sale for $1.50.