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Tutorial: How to Convert Alphabet Brushes to Alphas

Jun 30, 2008

Here’s how to create your own alpha set. Alphas aren’t fonts, they are photoshop stamp brushes that represent the letters of the alphabet. When letters of the alphabet exist as individual .png or .psd files, often with colors or other effects, they are called an “alpha” in scrapbook lingo.

To make an alpha like this one, begin by downloading the alpha freebie called “Snowdrop Alphabet Brush Set”.


1. In Photoshop, create a new document and make a new layer.

2. In the tool palette, select the Brush Tool. Select a color and stamp the letters you want to appear on that layer.


3. In the Layers Palette, click on “Add a Layer Style”. Select “Inner Shadow” and “Gradient Overlay” with the following settings:

NOTE: If you want to use the same gradient that I’ve used, download here.

4. Your transparent layer should look like this. Simply select the letters, copy and paste them to a new document, ensuring that the background is transparent, and save in .PNG format.


5. Once your alpha is a transparent .png, select each letter that you want and copy them to the document where you want to them to appear.

Paper Tutorial

Mar 31, 2008

Here’s a scrapbooking paper freebie, together with a tutorial how to create it. By taking a simple background and adding some photoshop brushes, making a pretty and romantic page is fun and easy.bt_heart_deco_paper_tn.jpg

I found inspiration in an old card that I once made by scratching a heart shape into some silver-coated paper brought to me from a friend as a present from China.


I placed the scan onto an 8 x 8″ page, then added a new layer and drew lines with one of my favorite brushes, Barcelona Cafe. I then turned the layer opacity to “Luminosity”.


The paper needed some color, so I added some pink to the heart, and a smoky lilac line to the frame. To decorate the heart, I used the Brush This “Flower Brush” in three different angles and sizes, and then turned on the Bevel and Emboss effect, as well as a radial gradient overlay.