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Real Paintings can be a Good Source for Photoshop Brushes

Dec 18, 2007

This is one of my favorite paintings, made with acrylic on canvas. I like the flowers a lot and converted them into photoshop brushes, including two dynamic brushes.

DYNAMIC Brush Holes, Brush Stitches, Brush Bubbles

Dec 18, 2007

When I was approached to illustrate a book on the recycling of plastic bottles, I looked for inspiration in one of my favorite children’s books. It’s a French book called “Prout de Mammouth” illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, full of raucous humour, pasted papers, punched holes and machine stitching on every page. I set out to try and create similar effects – digitally.

These became the very first DYNAMIC Photoshop brushes I had ever created. I still use these a lot today. Here’s the illustration I came up with, which was rendered completely digitally.

Digital Brushes

Dec 18, 2007

Inspired by a course on digital illustration using a Wacom tablet, I entered the wonderful and powerful world of Photoshop brushes. I worked with layers and made this bunny’s fur with the dodge, burn and smudge tools (left).

Then I discovered a way to make it look more realistic. I used a default brush that looks like a blade of grass, and changed the angle of the brush, which gave it a much more realistic and furry effect (right). THIS WAS MY FIRST STEP TOWARDS LEARNING ABOUT PHOTOSHOP’S DYNAMIC BRUSHES!!!