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Sequin Dynamic Brush Freebie

Mar 25, 2008
Inspired by my love of all things shiny and bright, I created this set of dynamic brushes that can easily create a realistic effect of sprinkled sequins, specially the last one in the set. They work best when painted with a dark color on a lighter background. Here is an example of how I’ve used the brush.


Creatures of Love Illustrated Freebies

Jan 31, 2008

Here’s my Creatures of Love series, which was so much fun to create.

For free download of these mini illustrations, copy these images directly to your desktop. As the PNG files have transparent backgrounds, you can easily add your own effects to the images (shadow, emboss, etc.) and paste them on a party invitation or in a scrapbook layout.

Queen of Hearts Madame Mermaid Love Angel
bt_queen_of_hearts.png bt_madame_mermaid.png bt_love_angel.png

Scattered Diamond Heart Free PNG

Jan 28, 2008
For Valentine’s Day, and to all scrapbookers out there, here’s a special treat for you to download FREE! A transparent .png file of scattered diamonds in a heart shape. Easy to drop into place into all the Adobe or other software packages.
Here’s an example of how you could use it in your scrapbook.


Real Paintings can be a Good Source for Photoshop Brushes

Dec 18, 2007

This is one of my favorite paintings, made with acrylic on canvas. I like the flowers a lot and converted them into photoshop brushes, including two dynamic brushes.